Seam Repair

Are you aware that your wall to wall carpet is made of individual pieces of carpet that are glued together? This is a fact the average homeowner does not know about because carpet installers typically do a good job at hiding them from you.

Ever so often after years of wear and tear or from a sub par install, your carpet seams can become exposed. The seams of your carpet will either split or peak.

Peaking occurs when the two seams are no longer glued together and bend upwards. Splitting is when the seams come apart and leave a gap.

These are seam damage issues that we can handle with ease. If your carpet seams have split apart, we can re-glue the seams using our powerful latex adhesive. This creates an industrial strength bond between the seams.

If your carpet seams have experienced prolonged damage, we resect the damaged seam and replace it with a new one and re-glue it.

Our seam damage repair service will help prolong the service life of your carpet and keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

If you have questions about our seam damage repair service or if you would like to book your appointment, give us a call today at 512-817-2399